The Rotunda Serotina has its own full Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) created by consultants thinkstep (formerly PE international) using data from  AHEC's groundbreaking LCA study of US sawn hardwood and data collected by Benchmark  during the manufacturing process.

The dominance of American cherry in the Rotunda and limited use of other more energy intensive materials contributes to a very strong environmental profile. Cherry is a highly desirable timber which is readily available in the U.S. forest but which has been underutilised in recent years. It takes less than a minute for new growth in the U.S. forest to replace the cherry logs harvested to manufacture the Rotunda. The Rotunda is carbon neutral on a cradle to grave basis. The carbon emissions associated with delivery of the wood and fabrication of the structure is more than offset by energy generated from offcuts and disposal at end of life. In addition around a tonne of CO2 equivalent is sequestered in the main structure of the Rotunda and a further 295 kg in the trays.

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